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Did not survive the working model of "Dragon", and its documentation is incomplete and contains many inaccuracies, which does not allow us to ship accurate. However, you can assume that the ship was built in Venetian style, as the proposal submitted by the Venetian, Domenico Zaviazelo. This hypothesis is very probable, as confirmed by the relationship sixteenth-century inhabitants of Elblag, which she believed to be much larger than those they knew. The Polish Navy ships then dominated the 200-łasztowe, each Atlantic Venetian had nearly twice the capacity. Probably it was a unit with two decks of battery, not counting the top.

For the construction of the "Dragon" is used primarily of oak wood (frame), maple and pine (plating). Side walls were covered with tar. Prow of the ship was a sculpture in the shape of a dragon head. It is worth noting that this was the only figure on the ship. Kadług ship was painted in a way closer to the unknown. "Dragon" has four masts, does not exclude the possibility, however, that after 1577 it was rebuilt in the form of trójmasztowca.
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